EduHub Days 2019

Dear Members of the Swiss e-Learning Community,


We are happy to invite you to th eduhub days 2019, which will take place on February 13 & 14, 2019, at the University of Zurich.


The eduhub days 2019 will focus on digital skills and digitalisation in higher education. Digitalisation is omnipresent in discourses about society, work and education. It is an expression that englobes many aspects: Being able to use new technologies and to apply them in a way, so that they are the most efficient for our intentions. It affects the way we teach and the way students learn. It also refers to a more fundamental change in the disciplines and the process of scientific knowledge creation.


During the eduhub days 2019 we will focus on how digitalisation affects teaching and learning practices in our daily activities. How can we best leverage public awareness and interest for digital technologies to transform our universities? We will look at methods and practical experiences in applying new technologies for higher education, such as augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and learning analytics.


Digital excellence is built on the ability to understand and employ new  learning and teaching technologies in the most efficient way. The eduhub  days provide a platform for knowledge exchange on digital awareness,  digital skills and media literacy. At the eduhub days 2019 you will be  able to present the way you promote digital excellence and effective use  of new technologies for teaching and learning at your institution either  in a tutorial, in a BarCamp or in a digital exhibition.


You can register for the eduhub days 2019 and send a proposal until December 20, 2018. Please note that places for eduhub days 2019 are limited. Registration is therefore binding.


We are looking forward to welcome you in Zurich in February 2019 and to another inspiring conference of the Swiss e-Learning Community!


Best regards,

Nathalie Roth

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Turnitin Workshop November 2018

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen

Am Mittwoch, 7. November, 13:30-16:00 Uhr, findet der nächste Workshop für Dozierende zum Umgang mit Turnitin statt.


Bitte macht in euren Hochschulen über die entsprechenden Kanäle darauf aufmerksam:


Herzlichen Dank und viele Grüsse, Nadja


It is worth noting that when showing grades in Moodle, you should do so either to three decimal places or only one. My opinion is that one is best since this is what the students will finally see in Evento.

Recently a student noted that in Moodle they had been given a 4.75 for some work, but when the grade was sent over to Evento the grade was only a 4.7. On inspection the grade was actually a 4.74745 which rounded to 4.75 but not 4.8 and clearly the student’s question was why do I not get a 4.8.

Thus, in future please ensure all grade book, activity and quiz scores etc. are displayed to one decimal place only.