Moodle 3.5

Moodle 3.5 has arrived, and we are currently testing it for compatibility with existing plugins.

An interesting feature that existed back in Moodle 3.1, but which seemed to mysteriously have disappeared was stealth topics. Moodle never admitted that this was a feature, in fact the developers considered it a bug and removed it from the application version 3.3 onward.

After considerable lobbying Moodle have agreed to reinstate this feature, but as an official feature this time. It is hoped that it will appear in one of the regular upgrades in 3.5 over the forthcoming weeks.

In the HT Moodle we have added two new formats which you may like to experiment with:

  1. Grid format
  2. Buttons format

Grid format allows you to create a course based on a series of tiles to form your menu, whereas Buttons format allows you to create a course based on buttons, numerical, alpha or roman numerals. You can also create subsections etc.

For further information please send an inquiry to Paul Raper who will be glad to explain these features in more detail.

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