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Face-to-face Lessons Suspended

Owing to the corona virus, you will know the face-to-face lessons have been suspended until the end of the semester.

There are a number of tools that you should be made aware of that will likely help you in planning the way ahead.

Webex: the Webex app can be used for holding video conferences. It is fairly intuitive and has a number of help videos with the application.

Adobe Connect: AC is an excellent tool. However, please be aware that Switch has a limited license for the application and you may run into problems with the tool. If this happens, Switch have set up an alternative tool called Meetings. See below.

Switch Meeting: Switch Meetings is based on an open source package which Switch claim is scalable, and which also uses their SwitchEngines technology. The application can be accessed via the following link: Switch Meetings. More can be found out here: Further Information.

Together with the above Conferencing tools, you have Switch Tube for hosting and sharing video material. Switch Drive for sharing files and also for Collaborative working via the “Google Docs” like tool called Only Office. Help can be found in the link. There is also a file transfer tool for sending and sharing larger files via e-mail, but if you use Switch Drive to share files, you should be covered.

We also have our Moodle platforms for organizing courses, and this includes a new E-Assessment Moodle application which is separate from the main Corporate IT Moodle. This Platform can be used for running any form of E-assessment you may wish to set up. I have been assured by CIT that the platform should be used only for Exams and that the exams will not be deleted over time, so we should be covered for any recourse issues and/or archiving requirements. You will need to contact me to set up either a course or exam.

I am available to help you in any of your e-learning needs. You may contact me via: Email: Tel Direct: +41 56 202 81 71

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