Moodle and H5P

As we all know Moodle is open source, and so for that matter is H5P. Further, there is a plugin for Moodle developed by the H5P developers which allows you to display content that you produce using H5P on your Moodle pages.

Whilst at this point in time the Main FHNW Moodle platform does not have this plugin installed, the HT Moodle platform does.

This means that you can login to the HT Moodle, setup any H5P content you like, and then share it on the FHNW Main Moodle using LTI – Learning Tool Interoperability.

Turnitin News

News on some Turnitin developments.

There is now an additional feature that we have available to us through Turnitin, LTI Moodle integration.

LTI, or Learning Tool Interoperability, allows platforms to communicate with each other via single sign on. This means that if you now want students to submit work for checking via Turnitin straight from Moodle, you can easily do so. Learn more here.

Clearly the advantages of this are evident in that students can no longer complain that they are being asked to register with multiple sites.

Should anyone wish to know more about this process, they should contact me.

A New Service on the way from Turnitin

Authorship Investingation is a new service that is soon to be available through Turnitin.

Upto now it has only been possible to check whether a student has copied work from somewhere else, but Authorship Investigation should soon enable academic staff to check whether or not a student has contracted someone else to write their work.

An individuals writing style is unique, and so in brief the system compares the writing styles of the student with the writing style of the submitted work.  If one differs significantly from the other, then there is a good chance that the work has been “Contracted”.

To find out more, read here.


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